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Be honest...

▸ Are you struggling to maintain a healthy weight?
▸ Have you tried every weight loss diet plan under the sun?
▸ Experiencing uncontrollable blood sugar levels?
▸ Anxious about the long-term effects of obesity?
▸ Are you anxious about weight related conditions and your future?
▸ Do you want to take control of your general health?


If you answered yes to any of those questions,
Health Coaching is for you!

Together, we will collaborate and actively create space for your self-empowerment, change of mindset, accountability, self-management, motivation, holistic approach and sustainable solutions on your health and and fitness issues.  We will identify changes needed to improve your health and reduce health risks.

I'm the right coach for you because...

My journey to finding a healthy lifestyle has given me an insight into various challenges that one encounters. My nursing experience enables me to bring high level of empathy, respect and understanding of your situation without judgement. 

Throughout my nursing journey, I had the opportunity to care for patients diagnosed with various conditions including Type 2 Diabetes and other weight related illnesses.  I understand the challenges they face from the time they experience symptoms and to the never-ending treatments, tests and hospital visits.

Healthcare professionals do their best to assist patients recover or control these ailments, but my experience and observation is that lack of staff and resources makes it difficult to provide individualised, holistic care required by patients.  This is where I step in as your Health Coach

Following my personal, healthcare and health coaching experiences, I know that a holistic and naturopathic approach is the right path to reach a healthy weight, successful management of type 2 diabetes and a happy life.

Let’s start working and allow me to support you through your beautiful and rewarding journey

One on One Coaching Programme

6 or 12 week personalised coaching packages

Losing weight involves a change of lifestyle and overcoming obstacles

Losing weight the healthy way

Keeping it off for good requires dedication and determination

A good support system for success

There is no magic diet that results in healthy weight loss or effective management of diabetes

Sustainable Health

Achieved when we make small changes over time


As your Health Coach, I will help you stay committed by holding you accountable and celebrating every milestone you pass.

The road to a healthy body and losing weight isn't a one size fits all, we are all different sizes, shapes, have different fitness levels and health concerns. Our packages provide personalised consultations and support.

You get:

➼ 90-minute in-depth initial nutrition and lifestyle consultation

➼ We work together to find out why you are not feeling your best and then discuss the natural strategies to help you

➼ Define and agree on achievable health goals and actions

➼ 45-minute follow-up appointments to track your progress, make modifications to your plan and provide continued support (every 1-2 weeks)

➼ Email support in between consultations for the duration of the package

Expect to:

➼ Lose weight

➼ Increase your energy levels

➼ Become fitter

➼ Have better sleep quality

➼ Improve your digestion and gut health

➼ Enjoy your meals

➼ Stop cravings

➼ Improve confidence and self esteem

➼ Control and normalise blood sugar levels

What my clients are saying:

Thank you so much Happy, for our first consultation which revealed some of the issues I never even thought played a role in my excess weight.  Through extensive history taking, we managed to dig deep and found the root causes of my weight excess.  I can’t wait for our next session following implementation of my current plan

Mary T, Manchester UK

Are you ready to transform yourself?

White Feather

Your Investment

Kick-Start Coaching Package

➼ 6 weeks

➼ 90 minute initial consultation

➼ 3x 45 minute follow-up sessions 

➼ Email follow-up once every week


Payment plan available

Total Transformation Package

➼ 12 weeks

➼ 90 minute initial consultation

➼ 6x follow-up sessions lasting 45 minutes each

➼ Downloadable guides and extra resources

➼ Weekly email follow-up


Payment plan available

Additional Sessions

Optional follow-up sessions are available at the end of each program if you feel that you need additional ongoing support.

£45.00 per 60-minute session

Ready to change your life?

I would like to work with you
Invest in your health now

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