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Corporate Services

Organisations who support their employee’s wellbeing reap great rewards such as less absenteeism, improved productivity and more engagement in terms of staff participation.


How do you improve employee wellbeing?

The core of every good wellbeing program is behaviour change, with the right education, skills, motivation, tools and social support, people change behaviours. 

Wellbeing programs are good at helping people adopt and maintain healthy behaviours.  This is the biggest benefit of having a wellbeing at work program that is well organised.

The key is to maintain healthy behaviours therefore change of mindset is important.

We can support your staff!

At Happy Health Coaching, we have a number of different options to support organisations through one-to-one health coaching of their employees or group coaching.

Some common topics that we can explore include:

Digestive issues

Fatigue and low energy levels

Sleep issues


 Sugar cravings

 Frequent illnesses and infections

 Weight management and back issues


Together, we will collaborate and actively create space for your self-empowerment, change of mindset, accountability, self-management, motivation, holistic approach and sustainable solutions on your health and fitness issues.  We will identify changes needed to improve your health and reduce health risks.

I'm the right coach for you because...

My journey to finding a healthy lifestyle has given me an insight into various challenges that one encounters. My nursing experience enables me to bring high level of empathy, respect and understanding of your situation without judgement. 

Throughout my nursing journey, I had the opportunity to care for patients diagnosed with various conditions including Type 2 Diabetes and other weight related illnesses.  I understand the challenges they face from the time they experience symptoms and to the never-ending treatments, tests and hospital visits.

Healthcare professionals do their best to assist patients recover or control these ailments, but my experience and observation is that lack of staff and resources makes it difficult to provide individualised, holistic care required by patients.  This is where I step in as your Health Coach

Following my personal, healthcare and health coaching experiences, I know that a holistic and naturopathic approach is the right path to reach a healthy weight, successful management of type 2 diabetes and a happy life.

What my clients are saying:

Thank you so much Happy, for our first consultation which revealed some of the issues I never even thought played a role in my excess weight.  Through extensive history taking, we managed to dig deep and found the root causes of my weight excess.  I can’t wait for our next session following implementation of my current plan

Mary T, Manchester UK

If you are interested in finding more information about the services I offer, please contact me via the contact form below.  I offer a free 15-minute presentation over zoom to explore ways of supporting your organisation based on your specific objectives.

I look forward to supporting you and your team

White Feather

Let me show you what I can do for your team


Manchester, UK

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