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What is Happy Health Coaching?

We are on a mission to help our clients take control of their health. Our goal is to help you embark on building long-term sustainable healthy life options.

Happy Health Coaching was founded by Happy Cross, who is a Qualified Health Coach and an experienced Qualified Nurse.

Having worked for 35 years in a variety of health sectors including NHS hospitals, caring for patients with different weight related illnesses including Type 2 Diabetes, Heart conditions, Stroke and many more, it is not a coincidence that Happy decided to start up, Happy Health Coaching business to work with clients who are ready and willing to make long-term positive lifestyle changes.

The traditional weight loss and diets are not working because majority of people have tried them with no successful outcome. What is notable is that people may lose weight using such fad diets but not keep it off for the long-term

A new report published in the journal; Diabetic Medicine has projected that the NHS’s annual spending on Diabetes in the UK will increase from £9.8 billion to £16.9 billion over the next 25 years. This means that the NHS will be spending 17% of it’s entire budget on the condition.

The Impact Diabetes report also suggests that the cost of treating Diabetes complications is expected to almost double from the current total of £7.7 billion to £13.5 billion by 2035/6

Barbara Young, who is the Chief Executive of Diabetes UK, said “The report shows that without urgent action, the already huge sums of money being spent on treating Diabetes will rise to unsustainable levels that threaten to bankrupt the NHS. But the most shocking part of the report is that almost four fifths of NHS Diabetes spending go on treating complications which could have been prevented.”

The good news is that Diabetes can be effectively managed or prevented through naturopathic approach, looking at targeted wholefood nutrition, movement, nurturing mindset and emotions as well as goal setting and using the appropriate tools.

So as Health Coach and someone with extensive healthcare experience, Happy will focus more on your relationship with food, exercise, sleep as well as stress management to improve your wellbeing and happiness. Building a good relationship with food is a process that takes time and therefore taking small steps and not overstressing is the best approach.

This is the approach that Happy took to help her husband who was obese and having uncontrolled Type 2 Diabetes despite being on medication. He managed to keep the weight off as well as keeping his blood sugar levels within normal range.

Therefore, Health coaching services are in great demand because you get the support and encouragement throughout this long but rewarding journey. Taking small steps will lead to success.

If you have any questions about how we work, contact us via our contact page and let's have a quick chat.

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